Dushyant Kumar & Sudha Chaudhary

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Dushyant & Sudha Chaudhary
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Pin: Diamond
Markets: India

Rajvir & Kusum Singh

LOS Upline: Rajvir & Kusum Singh

I was born in a service class family with an agricultural background. I wanted to start my own business as I was not satisfied with the lifestyle I had. I left my studies at a very initial stage and started pursuing small businesses with a little capital before realizing the importance of education for good life. I re-started the studies after a gap of three years and completed my Masters Degree followed by post Graduation in Marketing and Sales Management. I worked for some National and Multinational companies for 3-4 years and found that I will never be able to fulfill my dreams like world tour, luxury of life and providing best education to my children, with the job I was in. Therefore, I tried some traditional businesses and failed mainly of two reasons; firstly, not having enough capital and secondly, lack of experience and tough competition. I am thankful to Amway Business because it offered an opportunity with very low investment and my entire team for the support that I got from them. Me and my family will always remain grateful to them. My wife, Sudha is a homely lady. I never imagined that she too posses a skill of such an entrepreneurship. Had I not joined Amway, I would have not known my wife so well. Her whole hearted support and constant motivation helped me to achieve my Diamondship. Amway was introduced to me in April 1998 but I took three months to join and it is perhaps one of the main regrets of my life. I often ask myself why did I take three months time! The answer is very simple. I did not join, not because I did not understand the opportunity, rather it was difficult for me to think that a person like me too can become a Diamond. It is easy to be a diamond but it is hard to believe. We have to win a war with ourselves. Since childhood we are trained to think like a mediocre. There was no one to remind us that we are a Unique Creation of God and we have all the qualities and abilities to live a Great Life. I am thankful to our children, Bharat and Chandini for becoming our reasons to build this business. I am also grateful to my parents, who stood by us and believed in our abilities during difficult days and supported us in our journey.