Rajvir & Kusum Singh

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Rajvir & Kusum Singh
Dr.Rajveer singh & Kusum.jpg
Pin: Executive Diamond
Markets: India


LOS Upline: Amit & Arti Sondhi

I was born in a very small village of Aligarh in a farmer’s family and so inherited the characteristics of courage, determination and hard work from my parents. After completing my schooling, I moved to Allahabad University to pursue higher studies and became a Professor. My quest for significance made me write many books and earned award and a letter of appreciation for my book. In 1989, I married Kusum who is a scholar and a Gold Medalist in English literature. Both of us share everything in life right from our happiness to our passion for success. For us life is a choice; if you can’t choose your life you are not living a real life. When Amway opportunity knocked our door in 1999 through one of our relatives, we could not realize its rewards & potential. Rather we took it as a scheme & were very negative. But God had different plans for us. So we got a chance to attend an Amway meeting which changed our opinion about Amway business entirely. Today we see Amway as an unique opportunity that can make ordinary lives extraordinary and significant. We always wanted to live a life of choice & significance. In Amway business we saw our dreams come true. So despite time challenges, we decided to build the business part time with full enthusiasm, determination & hard work. Initially we faced many rejections. Most of our friends and relatives focused on problems, why they cannot do this business but we focused on why should we do this business. It is said, ‘Man becomes what he thinks all the time; if you focus on problems you get problems, if you focus on dreams you fulfill your dreams.’ Amway’s 50th anniversary celebration instilled new energy, enthusiasm and excitement in us and strengthened our belief and trust in Amway. The organization completing 50 year successfully in more than 80 countries & territories with people from different cultures, ethnic background and political structure, which is a commendable achievement. Amway achieved these heights with its motto of Freedom, Family, Hope and Reward for everyone. We salute the founders of Amway Mr. Rich DeVos and Mr. Jay Van Andel for changing lives of millions of people round the globe. As Diamonds in Amway India, we decided to carry the flag of Amway glory further by making a commitment to go EDC in 2008 and grab the once in a lifetime opportunity to spend quality time with successful leaders of Amway world at Ada Michigan and Grand Rapids. We are grateful to God for giving us the courage to fulfill our dreams and also Amway India for their support. We are also thankful to our entire team for their support and unflinching trust in our leadership. Our parents & children were always supportive and inspiration in our growth in Amway business. Our life is a true epitome of unshakable belief in God, Amway opportunity and our dreams. We strongly believe in the saying “Kabhi Har Mat Manna Safalta Apke Kadam Chumegi”. We attribute our success in life to active support of Amway. Amway has widened our vision in life and also helped us understand that the path of success goes through integrity, honesty & positive attitude. We rely on cooperative, friendly & inspiring team of Amway with whom the journey to our goal became smoother. Best & wide range of Products, honest & fair policies and Optimistic approach of management inspired us to build a great business with such an esteemed organization. Amway business brought us not only material success but mental peace, high values, disciplined life, luxurious world tour, high reputation & recognition in society, better education for our children and above all an opportunity to help several people improve their lives. As we always believe, ‘you can work miracles by having faith in others’.