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Amway United Kingdom & Republic of Ireland
Local Name: Amway (UK) Limited
Launch: July 1973
Est. # IBOs: >23,000 (2007)
Est. Sales: £9.7 million (2011)[1]
Est. population: 62,262,000 (2010)
Note: United Kingdom and Ireland operate as one market. (Amway UK & ROI)


Amway (UK) Limited was established in 1973 and was one of the first affiliates to be launched worldwide, and the first in Europe. The administrative headquarters are based in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire and provide a support mechanism for Independent Business Owners within the UK, Republic of Ireland and the Channel Islands.

In October, 2007, Amway UK & ROI rebranded their Amivo shopping portal as Amway Online.


ArtistryNutriliteBoutiqueEddie FunkhouserHymmLifeStyle Balanced SolutionsLOCPositrimSA8SatiniqueTolsomiCookeSpringBody SeriesGlisterMagnaBlocXS Stimulation Drink

Partner Stores

Disputes & Controversy

Following an ongoing dispute with the UK Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), now BERR, in mid-2007 Amway UK & ROI placed a moratorium on all new sponsoring activity and effectively "banned" the use of all third-party Business Support Materials (BSM) until further notice. On November 8, it was announced that the DTI, now BERR was pursuing the case in court, beginning Monday 19 November 2007. BERR (DTI) petitions for winding up of Amway (UK) Limited]. The BERR vs Amway UK case was dismissed, 14 May 2008.



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Double Diamond

Lowe, Trevor & Jackie
Willis, Jon & Lynda*

* reportedly terminated for "buying" legs


Bovill, Bris & Kerry - 1993
Brinner, Jürgen & Sally
Butler, Dave & Denise**
Cherry, Bill & Maureen
De Souza, Bernie (1995)
Elliott, Celia & Richard - 1984
Flatman, Graham & Hilary - 1984
Greaves, Al & Joyce - 1981
Gregory, Pat & Greta**
Hofton, Hugh & Lyn - 1981
Lyons, John & Diana
McCune, Dave & Pat
Melville, Stewart & Carole
Newton, Ray & Jackie
Powdrill, Roger & Babs
Roberts, Ken & Jane - 1982
Smith, Geoff & Jenny - 1980
Scriven, Jerry & Mandy**
Strachan, Jack & Maureen - 1982
Stranney, Stephen & Gemma
Stranney, Patric & Eileen
Wadey, Gordon & Ruth - 1982
Wills, Brenda

** contracts not renewed following BERR investigation

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