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The following well known companies, organisations, and individuals have explicitly or implicitly endorsed Amway, Quixtar, it's Owners, or the business model or particular products.

see also Category:Endorsements for a list of articles related to this topic and Critics for a list of publicly known critics.

Companies and Organizations

Governments and Politicians

Academics and Authors


Entertainers (actors, singers)

Other Individuals

Companies that have partnered with Amway or Quixtar


Thomas Donahue, President, United States Chamber of Commerce
Sam Jadallah, Vice President, Enterprise Sales, Microsoft
Stephen Covey , Author, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
Rich Karlgaard, Publisher, Forbes
Jolene Sykes, Publisher, Fortune
Hyrum Smith, Co-chairman of the Boad, Franklin Covey
Wolfgang Schmitt, Chairman, Rubbermaid
R. Craig Hoenshell, Chairman, CEO, AVIS
Jack Haire, Publisher, Time
Stuart Silver, Co-Designer, Ronald Reagan Presidential Library
Dr Noel Brown, President, Friends of the United Nations
Brian Segal, Publisher, Macleans
Carolyn Wall, Publisher, Newsweek
John Engler , Governor, State of Michigan (1991-2002)
Gary Player , Professional Golfer

This video from 1999 includes a series of soundbites from respected leaders in business and government with their views on the Amway and Quixtar companies and business opportunity. It includes endorsements of Amway and Quixtar from -