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The following well-known companies, organisations and individuals have been publicly critical of the Amway/Quixtar companies, products, or business model.

see also Endorsements


  • Dateline NBC



These maintain active websites or postings critical of Amway

Cheryl Rhodes

Scott Larsen

Proprieter of

Robert Fitzpatrick

(anti-mlmer - Pyramid Scheme Alert)

Jon Taylor

(anti-mlmer - MLM-thetruth)

Dean Van Druff


Steve Hassan

self-described "cult expert". Never an IBO, his "studies" are based only on information he has been sent by critics.


IBO from 1997-1999, INA

Rick Ross

(cult stuff) never an IBO, never done any research into Amway

Shyam Sundar

Shyam Sundar claims to be a former journalist and runs an Indian blog Corporate Frauds Watch. He's never been an IBO and has little idea on how the Amway business works. Much of his blog is postings by David Brear. Sundar actively lobbies the Andhra Pradesh government and police to close Amway.

David Brear

David Brear is from the UK and reportedly lives in France. He was never an IBO, but reports that his brother was involved in the past. He has been actively lobbying EU governments to prosecute Amway for many years. His opinion of Amway is predicated on his (false) belief that there are no sales of Amway products to non-active IBOs and that the products are overpriced and the only reason people purchase them is because of the attached income opportunity. For several years he was promoting a book about Amway "about to be published", however it is yet to appear. He has previously self-published an "anti-cult" book.

Russel Glasser

(perils of amway) never an IBO - was prospected and saw the plan in 1996. Attended a few meetings then became anti-amway after reading some information on the internet.

Dave Touretsky

amway/alticor/quixtar sucks never an IBO

Steve Nakamura (JoeCool)

Steve Nakamura, aka JoeCool, was an IBO in Hawaii in 1995/1996 for less than a year, downline of Diamonds Scott & Cris Harimoto, part of WWDB. He claims to have reached the 4000PV before quitting after his upline suggested he should break up with his girlfriend. He has created numerous anti-Amway blogs and is active as an anti-Amway commentator in many other forums. He has been caught creating fake personas and fake blogs and comment posts in order to damage Amway and BSM companies reputations. Anonymous comments by someone who clearly knows him "in real life" have indicated that one of JoeCool's former downline has since qualifed at Platinum.


Was an IBO in Canada in 1993, downline of Diamonds Rod & Rowena Jao. Runs an anti-Amway Yahoo Canada group plus comments on other forums

Scoobie Davis

Never an IBO. Progressive media hacker who runs The Real Amway Global Blog and has used his google bomb blog against Amway Global.

Mike's Rambling


Eric Janssen

Founder and host of QuixtarBlog. Hi wife was an IBO, part of Yager Internet

Matthew Poulsen


see Preston G.


see Lindy Mack

Lindy Mack

A former IBO in Yager Internet, he and his wife were featured on a Dateline NBC show on Quixtar. He helped maintain MLM Survivors as well as administer the QuixtarBlog forums. He "retired" from posting about Amway in 2010.

Eric Scheibeler

Bo Short

former Diamond, Resigned

Sidney Schwartz



QIAC aka Bob Hart, runs a number of anti-Amway blogs. He was never an IBO, having a step-daughter involved.

Preston G.

aka Mevi. Downline of Woolgamot/Duncan in WWDB. Became inactive as an internet critic after a meeting with Brad Duncan.

Imran Azziz

(Qblog plus QuixtarSucks blog) BWW



never an IBO, has family involved and doesn't like it