Vinita & Narendra Pratap Singh

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Vinita & Narendra Pratap Singh
Pin: Diamond
Markets: India


LOS Upline: Kumar Shiva Ramakrishnan & Anjali Kumar
Notes:upline emerald Dr. Sangeeta & Shankar Devraj

Narendra Pratap & Vinita Singh (Medical Practitioner & Teacher, Mumbai)

All these years, we were leading a satisfied life thinking that we have achieved all that we wanted. However, we had this inner feeling that something was amiss from our lives.

My family includes Vinita, my wife, who is a teacher; and my two children, Anubhav (10 years) and Apeksha (5 years) who are studying. I am a medical practitioner. Ever since we joined the Direct Selling business, we are having this secure and spirited feeling. It is all thanks to our upline who had a dream to promote in our lives.

The combination of Britt Worldwide System and the Direct Selling business is absolutely amazing. It believes in helping people achieve what they want and advocates love and togetherness. It teaches us how to lead a life of dignity, pride and joy. My wife and I, in fact everyone in our family are having a clear vision that we have to go CAM. We take this opportunity to tell everyone to have a vision to lead a better quality of life.