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Jody & Kathy Victor
Pin: Crown (1981)
Markets: United States


LOS Upline: Victor, Joe & Helyne





Double Diamond 1981

Triple Diamond July 1981

Crown August 1981

A Family Legacy As the son of genuine networking pioneers, Jody is well aware of his good fortune. “How fortunate I am,” Jody Victor admits, “to have had such a head start in Plan B.”

“Thanks to my parents’ networking success, we had an incredible lifestyle. You can imagine all the things. But forget the things. More important are some of the nonmaterial aspects of the networking lifestyle. For me, our lifestyle meant never seeing my father come home from work grumpy, complaining about his company, kicking the dog. Because of the energy of the people in our home, television wasn’t a priority. We always had more exciting things to do!” Other Legacies: Drive and Ambition Credit Jody for not simply sitting back and watching passively as his parents provided the good life. This young man had the drive and the ambition to build his own organization. At age 27, Jody had already reached Emerald and was in qualification for Diamond.

That’s when he met Kathy, who was downline in his organization. They met in 1975, developed a friendship, and a few years later that friendship blossomed into romance. Jody and Kathy married in 1981. “Jody and I are very much alike,” Kathy offers, “and we realized that right away—especially in our business attitudes.” Jody concurs: “Kathy and I share that single-focus commitment to building the business. From the beginning, I knew she was headed straight for success. Now I’m happy that we’re successful together, as the Victor team.”

“Let’s Postpone the Honeymoon” Shortly before they were married in May 1981, Jody reached Double Diamond. And very shortly after they were married, Kathy and Jody together reached Triple Diamond (in July 1981) and then Crown (in August 1981).

“As Kathy said, we are very much alike. So in May 1981, when we were married, we decided to postpone our honeymoon because we were in the running for Crown!”

“You bet!” Kathy exclaims. “And it was well worth it. We’ve had several honeymoons since then and I predict we’ll have many more.”

The Legacy Continues “One of the things both Jody and I love about networking is that it empowers you to pass on to others such an endless bounty of skills and practical knowledge. First of all, we’re able to share all this with Stephen, Terri, and Joe, just as Jody’s parents shared it with him. Our kids have been an integral part of this business,” she muses. “That’s one reason why this business just keeps getting better and better.”

Jody continues. “And, of course, the giving doesn’t end with family; it only starts there. We’re also able to help total strangers turn their lives around completely. I must tell you,” he says, “it’s a remarkable feeling to know you have the opportunity to serve people. You just can’t help but feel good about your life!”

Jody and Kathy Victor are victors in a great many ways. His son & daughter-in-law Steve & Marcia Victor continue a family legacy as Brand New Founders Platinum