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Amway Venezuela
Local Name: Amway de Venezuela LLC
Launch: 23 June 1998
Est. # IBOs: 100,000/60,000(active) 2001
Est. Sales:
Est. population: unknown
Note: Amway Latin America merged into 1 market in September, 2007

Amway Venezuela officially began operations on June 23, 1998. A June 22 kick-off rally and ribbon cutting ceremony marked the much-awaited launch of Amway Venezuela. There were more than 3,500 people at the kick-off rally.

The headquarters of Amway Venezuela is located in Centro Comercial Empresarial Macaracuay Plaza in Caracas. Amway Venezuela has offices as well as a Product Selection Center (PSC) in this facility.


Double Diamond

Lucich, Walter & Encarnación (2013)

Executive Diamond

Lainette, Soraya & Silva, Miguel (2013)

Founders Diamond

Lepore, Raffaele & Carly
Rivas, Santos & Yoladie (2014)


Hernandez, Felix
Lucich, Daniel & Carol
Rosales, Ligia
Hurtado, Héctor & Sánchez, Ismerys
Aray, Edio & Mariflor
Andrade, Jorge & Lanz, Eusebia
Hernandez, Randy & Josefina
Pinto, Nicolás & Maritza
Naame, Iván & Yelitza
Berroterán, Andrés & Yépez, Dulce
Paz, Sherlly & Gabriel
Guzmán, Vladimir & Pérez, Yesmir
Lorena & Diego Reyes (2015)
Rivas, Santos Jr (2017)
Sosa, Gerardo & Martinez, Mileidy (2018)
Gomez, Tino & Rondon, Paola (2018)

Founders Emerald

Goris, Alfonso & Edith
Elneser, Boris & Sánchez, Ruth


De la Calle, Angel & Maite Ruiz
Guevara, Mariana
Valera, Eloy



MoiskinErtiaDish DropsiCookNutrilitePursueSA8LOCGlister


  • Partnering with the Fundación Amigos del Niño con Cáncer to help disadvantaged children with cancer. This group helps heal children with cancer, while alleviating symptoms. The foundation provides assistance to 835 children and their low-income families, accommodating 15 new patients monthly.
  • Working with the Fundación Fe y Alegría to create educational opportunities for disadvantaged children. In addition to serving children at all levels through junior high, the joint effort offers education, work training and school reintegration for adults.
  • Supporting UNICEF of Venezuela to work with the National Identity Programme to create hospital units for birth registration. UNICEF also launches national and local initiatives for preschool, intercultural and bilingual education for indigenous populations. The group also helps fight HIV/AIDS through interagency partnerships for prevention, while inspiring society to fight for the rights of every child.

Awards & Recognitions

In November of 2005, Amway Venezuela was honored by UNICEF for being their ally in building a country where the rights of children and teenagers are guaranteed.

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