Subathra Devi & Balakrisnan

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Subathra Devi & Balakrisnan
Subathra Devi & Balakrisnan.jpg
Pin: Diamond
Markets: Malaysia


LOS Upline: Tamilselvi & Chellaiah

A factory manager for 28 years, Balakrisnan worked hard and sacrificed the time spent with his family. Despite this, he did not achieve much for his effort. While they were searching for a business opportunity that could provide the freedom and lifestyle they desired, their sponsors introduced them to AMWAY. Subathra was convinced that this was the only business that could provide them the freedom that they longed for. She decided to build the business even though Balakrisnan was not convinced until he attended an AMWAY seminar. They worked hard and eventually qualified as Diamond Directs. Today they live comfortably, having realised their dream of gaining financial independence.