Reid, Fabian

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Reid, Fabian & Raquel
Fabian y Raquel.jpg
Pin: Diamond
Markets: Barbados, Dominican Republic


LOS Upline: Raizman, George & Calena,(Barbados), Gonzalez, Raul & Nathalie, (Dominican Republic)



Diamond 2005

Dominican Republic

Diamond 2012

St. Michael, Barbados, West Indies

When Fabian Reid first saw the Amway business opportunity, he decided he would build the business for his mom, who had always worked hard to support him. Fabian knew that he had disappointed his mother from time to time while growing up, and he saw success in the Amway business as a way to make her proud. He put his mom's picture on his refrigerator and looked to it for inspiration whenever he lacked the enthusiasm to share the opportunity again with someone new.

Despite having no high-school education, no business experience, and no ability to read, Fabian was able to build a successful Amway business - and overcome his illiteracy. He credits his success largely to the mentorship of his upline, who spent time with him to help develop his confidence.

Fabian is devoted to using this opportunity and his experience to impact other people's live around the world. He believes that is truly his biggest achievement in the business.