Nortini Yacob & Ramly Abu Bakar

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Nortini Yacob & Ramly Abu Bakar
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Pin: Executive Diamond
Markets: Malaysia

BWW since 2009

LOS Upline: Anisah & Hamid by LOS, Vincent & Rina Yong by LOA


Kisah Kejayaan

Nortini menyertai Amway pada 10 March 1982 dengan niat untuk mendapat RM500 sebulan supaya beliau boleh meletak jawatan dari pekerjaannya untuk menjaga anak-anaknya sepenuh masa. Hari ini, perniagaan ini telah memberi mereka lebih daripada yang mereka pernah impikan. Nortini Yacob, bekas setiausaha di universiti tempatan, dan Ramly Abu Bakar, bekas pengurus dan pengacara serta pembaca berita bebas, bersama dengan empat anak mereka hidup dalam kehidupan yang penuh harapan, kebebasan dan ganjaran.

"Perjalanan beribu batu bermula dengan langkah pertama".

Nortini Yacob & Ramly Abu Bakar berkongsi pencapaian mereka ke tahap Pengedar Terus Intan Eksekutif merupakan permulaan perjalanan yang masih jauh. Sebagai pemimpin dalam satu organisasi anda sendiri, masih ada banyak yang perlu dipelajari dan dialami. Tetapi tidak kira betapa gigihnya anda berusaha atau betapa sukarnya cabaran, ganjarannya pasti berbaloi. Ia bukan sahaja dari segi kewangan malah dalam pembangunan diri, persahabatan dan menikmati kerja dalam hidup anda. Inilah perkara-perkara yang sebenarnya lebih penting.

Success Story

When Nortini signed up as an Amway distributor on 10 March 1982, I did not understand the business nor was I interested to find out. Nortini's intention was merely to earn about RM500 a month, so she could resign from her job to take care of 4 children.

My interest in the business was kindled when I saw people succeeding in it. People with little education as well as profesionals were building successful business. Thus, I decided to take a closer look at the Sales and Marketing Plan.

Once I understood what it was all about, we never looked back. Armed with self-confidence and faith in Amway and our uplines, we clung on to our dreams and worked hard. We pressed on despite our busy schedules. At the time, Nortini was a secretary at a local university while I was a manager in a private firm as well as a freelance newscaster. Challanges and setbacks only served to increase our determination to succeed.

"A kite rises against the wind, it is not led by it". We refuse to let anyone steel our dreams. Our children's future is our chief motivation to succeed in this business. After 3 months in the Amway business, Nortini freed herself from the shackles of the punch card and become a full-time mother. I followed suit in May 1984.

We thank God that the hard work and sacrifice we have put in to help othrs have borned fruit, and our dreams of a quality life for our family is now a reality. Our children is assured. We have a comfortable house and car, and best of all, a united and contented family. Every year, we go on trips abroad, and are given first-class treatment. We've travelled to quite a few countries and continents, including having performed Umrah and Hajj.

It's a joy helping people halp themselves and seeing them succeed. Together with Amway, we involve ourselves in social work, visiting orphanages and old folks homes.

There are not secrets to success. Just give yourself and those around you a chance to understand the true nature of the Amway business with an open mind. Have a teachable spirit. Life is a continuous learning process. Lastly, never give up.

God willing, we will live a long, healthy life and continue to help others attain their dreams. There is still a lot that we can and must do. Salam sejahtera.