Naresh & Neelam Bhardwaj

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Naresh & Neelam Bhardwaj
Naresh & Neelam Bharadwaj.jpg
Pin: Diamond
Markets: India

Winners International

LOS Upline:

We were both born in Punjab and currently living in USA. I did BE degree in mechanical engineering from India, ME from England and MBA from USA. I am currently working as a Senior Executive for a multibillion Dollar company. My wife, Neelam did her BS and MBA from USA. She is Chief Executive Officer of a multi-million Dollar hospital. We have built this business in India with the people we did not know before, by using our vacations. Now we have a much bigger family in India than we ever dreamed before and are enjoying our relationships with all of our family members. We were introduced to this business in USA just before it was launched in India, through a phone call that we received from a hospital Vice President who knew Neelam from her association in professional societies. However, Neelam liked the ideas of achieving very high level of passive income in few years, the freedom of time and stress free life that was impossible in high level corporate jobs. I was not convinced if this is something that we want to do and can give us financial freedom. However, the benefits of this business had already impressed Neelam. She was seeing something in this business that I was not seeing. We decided to join and get started. Neelam worked alone with the help of our Upline in USA. Seeing her persistence and commitment, and after reluctantly meeting with successful people, I started making small contributions after several months. We were genuinely excited when the business was launched in India. Our parents from both sides have been living with us in USA for many years. All our brothers and sisters are in USA. While building this business, We faced lot of personal challenges including taking care of Naresh’s father who was bed ridden for two years and expired recently, losing Neelam’s father and loosing her brother recently in a very young age, taking care of her brother’s family and raising our own children. We have two children, Manu and Neha. Manu just finished his Doctor of Law degree. He is currently working with a senior judge in South Carolina. Neha is studying for M.D in Chicago. However, the stress, long work hours and politics at the executive level positions motivate us to continue building this business to Diamond level and beyond, for our financial freedom and freedom of time so we can enjoy peaceful life fully and have more choices. We couldn’t be happier because today we are jointly following our dreams in our personal life as well as our business life un-like before when we were working only at our jobs. The business has helped us to travel in India and other countries. We have taken our parents and children on several trips to India and other countries. Helping others to fulfill their dreams in life is very gratifying for us. Neelam is looking forward to not working any more but building the business even more seriously now and enjoy spending her time on her two hobbies which are Music and Painting. We look forward to traveling and spending some quality time together.