Mohan & Meena Deshmukh

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Mohan & Meena Deshmukh
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Pin: Diamond
Markets: India


LOS Upline: Phillips, Louise
Notes:Upline Emerald Arun & Anjali Taware

Mohan Nanasaheb & Meena Deshmukh (Electrical Engineer & Lecturer)

We come from a middle class family. We have two lovely children Digvijay (13 years) and Rahul (11 years). I work for a sugar factory as an Electrical Engineer while my wife Meena works as a lecturer in a B. ED College. Despite having a good income we were never really happy with the quality of our lives. Our jobs did earn us sufficient income, but it also brought along with it a great amount of tension.

Even after working hard for over 10 years we were nowhere close to fulfilling our DREAMS. We could vision our lives shaping up just like that of our parents. They worked very hard but never managed to get satisfying results. Along with our jobs, we tried to work out some additional means of income. However, these efforts never gave the desired success nor made visible changes to our lifestyle.

After joining Amway our life took a complete 360° turn. Today, we have quality time with our family, quality association with positive people, have peace of mind and financial security. The best part of this business was that it offered us the opportunity to help lakhs of people around the world to complete their DREAMS, while we focused our efforts on becoming founder CAMs in Amway business. Our patience, consistency, and confidence; along with the blessings of God, the incredible BWW System, support from our upline mentors, downlines and the Amway founders have all contributed in a major way to our success.

You will achieve everything you want in life if you DREAM big, think positive, start this business and don't quit.