Melukote, Balakrishna & Anitha

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Balakrishna & Anitha Melukote
Anitha & Balakrishna.JPG
Pin: Diamond (2010)
Markets: United States


LOS Upline: Shenoy, Ganesh

It may be an exaggeration to say that Bala Melukote owes his life to his AMWAY™ business. But, maybe not. He and Anitha, both formerly speech pathologists, were on their way to Emerald when Bala was in a terrible car accident and sustained serious head injuries. “The doctors said they didn’t think he’d make it,” recalls Anitha. “And if I did, I’d probably be a vegetable,” adds Bala. He was in a coma for nearly two weeks. “My doctors had no hope; I was completely unresponsive,” says Bala. During those weeks, his upline Diamond stayed at the hospital with him, proactively overseeing his care, continuing to speak to him, even though he didn’t respond, and making sure people said only positive things to him. Then one day, his upline said to him, “Bala, I want you to open your eyes.” Miraculously, he did. Bala was in the hospital for two months, enduring many operations, including two brain surgeries. “During Bala’s recovery, our upline arranged to have our local team take care of the cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, the kids, everything, which greatly minimized our stress,” says Anitha. “Thanks to their help, Bala beat all the odds and came home walking and talking.” He and Anitha are very grateful that they had built their AMWAY business as far as they had before the accident. “We realized if we were going to have financial security, we would have to do it on our own,” recalls Bala.

Although it took awhile to get back on track during Bala’s recovery, once they did, they were determined to make it big. “We believe that when you start something, you have to do it properly,” says Bala. “So we never stopped.” Looking back, Bala feels that what appened to him was actually a good thing. “It showed me who I really am and it taught me that I didn’t want to give up what we had. We understood that not everything goes according to plan. Many people get discouraged when they have small difficulties. But we just became stronger.” He says their business also taught them to focus on other people. “We were forced to think about someone other than ourselves; helping them to achieve their goals was good for us.”