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MarkerMan Productions
Launch:  ?
Leaders: Victor, Jody & Kathy
Countries: Australia, United States, Greece, New Zealand
Notes: none

MMP or MarkerMan Productions is an organization providing Professional Development Programs to Amway and Quixtar IBOs.


Markerman Productions was founded by Crown IBO Jody Victor in 1992. Jody was nicknamed as Markerman for his great ability of showing the business plan with a marker and a white board. The history of MMP could actually be traced all the way back to 1959 when American Way Association was founded. Jody's parents Joe & Helyne Victor along with their close friends Jere & Eileen Dutt, were the first generation IBOs. And Joe and Jere were also elected as one of the first Board Directors of American Way Association, and soon became the first Diamonds in Amway History. Today, the Victor's and the Dutt's are still working together in MMP.


MMP Team Building Strategy: Participation in the MMP Team Building Strategy approach to building a business powered by Quixtar is strictly voluntary. MMP utilizes long-term vision, delayed gratification (short-term income is smaller focusing on depth more than width), and utilize the power of compounding (depth is intended to create duplication and long-term results). MMP focuses in part on building depth in the sponsoring process. The use of this methodology, while somewhat different from how other IBOs may promote building a business, does not alter how PV/BV are calculated or how bonuses are paid by Quixtar through the IBO Plan.

Apprenticeship Team: Independent Business Owners collectively working with a leader skilled in the MMP Team Strategy, to correctly learn and apply the strategy by building the Apprenticeship leg.

Partnership Team : An Independent Business Owner, skilled in the MMP Team Strategy as a result of having built an Apprenticeship leg, now able to apply the strategy by themselves.

With Amway

MMP works very closely with Amway. Many of MMP IBOs are in the business for a long time. While Amway is providing the best products and services, MMP is providing the best support to affiliated IBOs.


Kathy Victor is the Chairman of the IBOAI. The first female Chairman in the history. Jody Victor is the Chairman of Hearing and Disputes Committee; and Governance and Oversights Committee. Jody Dutt had been also elected as IBOAI director in the past.


MMP provides different supports to affiliated IBOs such as website, Business Support Materials and Business Events. These supports are highly recommended but optional to IBOs. The purpose is to help IBOs to build their business better and faster. Many high pin IBOs have offices or classrooms from local MMP IBOs in major cities in North America.


This list of pin winners is from the MarkerMan Production LOA and does not necessarily reflect all currently qualified/non-qualified pins or international pins (viz. outside North America).


Dutt, Jody & Gina
Victor, Jody & Kathy

Executive Diamond

Reardon, Carl & Marsha

Founders Diamond

Goldman, Ron & Diane (2002)


Coles, Garry & Kimberley
Covino, Bob & Sue
Fine, Jeffrey & Elecia
Fraumann, Bob & Jan
Howard, Greg & Pat
Hudgell, Craig & Jaynie
Kessler, Frank & Sandy
Owen, Elwyn & Dottie

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