Ken Lee & Carmen Goh

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Ken Lee & Carmen Goh
Pin: Diamond
Markets: Malaysia


LOS Upline: Koh, Jordan & Soo Hwen

Success Story

"The journey to achieving our Diamond pin has been fulfilling. It transformed us from ordinary to outstanding persons."

We were poor and had a difficult childhood. Since young, we nurtured a simple dream that we held onto resolutely – to live a blessed, happy and accomplished life. We were taught that by working hard, we could achieve a good education and earn a good living.

Overcoming various adversities while growing up made me (Ken) more confident and determined. I graduated from University Malaya, majoring in Civil Engineering, and worked for a major company thereafter. Everything went exactly as planned. However, we found that we had drifted far from our dreams, so much so that it’s impossible for us to fulfil them.

We realised that the only way to do so was to establish our own business. We searched high and low for two years for a business that met our requirements and needs of minimal capital, continuous guidance and support, business and personal growth, secure and sustainable income as well as the chance to give back to the society. At last, we found AMWAY. I was 31 years old while Carmen was 24 years old when we quit our respective jobs and focused on AMWAY wholeheartedly.

We’ve seen many people come and go during the course of building our AMWAY business. We refrained from being like them and soldiered on by keeping our thoughts and actions simple. We set our sights on achieving two goals – qualifying as Diamond Directs and as members of the Founders Council. We stayed focused and worked towards our goals one step at a time. We learned and resisted comparison with others. We believed in ourselves and in the business. We were certain that we will enjoy the rewards for all the hard work we invested in.

Our efforts paid off. We qualified as Platinum Directs in 2005, Founders Platinum Directs in 2006, Sapphire Directs in 2007, Founders Sapphire Directs in 2008, Emerald Directs and Founders Emerald Directs in 2010, and Diamond Directs in July 2012.

AMWAY improved our overall well-being and we have absolute freedom in determining how we want to live our lives. We have finally achieved an ideal and balanced lifestyle. We are now full- time parents to our lovely children, ZeYu and Ze Jay. We get to spend 24 hours a day with them, witnessing their daily growth.

Our experience in AMWAY has taught us to enjoy the ride instead of focusing too hard on the outcome of the journey. This business enriched our knowledge, equipped us with the right attitude and a positive mindset. We learnt to treasure, appreciate and be thankful to those around us. We also broadened our horizons by experiencing personal growth and widening our social circle. Besides that, we were invited to the exclusive ALS in Rome, Alaska, Osaka, Los Angeles, Dubai, Paris, and Sydney, and to the Diamond Invitational in Turkey.

We’re grateful to our parents for raising us. We want to thank everyone who has ever helped us in one way or another. We thank God for all the blessings bestowed upon us and we are grateful for our children ZeYu and Ze Jay, for being our source of motivation to move ahead.

Thanks to our sponsors, Founders Platinum Directs Phan Yong Aun & Beh Siew Kheng, for introducing the business opportunity to us, our mentors, Founders Platinum Directs Phan Yong Ee & Goh Saw Ai, Founders Sapphire Direct Ooi Choy Heong, Founders Emerald Directs Ooi Yim Thian & Then Vee Peng, Triple Diamond Directs Jordan & Soo Hwen Koh, and Crown Directs Siew Fang & Celia Wong for their continuous support. Thanks to all sideline leaders for their inspiration and assistance, all leaders in our organisation for their faith and concerted effort. Our heartfelt gratitude goes to each and every one of you. Thanks to Rich & Jay for this wonderful business opportunity and to all AMWAY staff for their effort and support. Lastly, thanks to all loyal customers of AMWAY for giving us a chance to serve you.