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Tom & Estelle Joachim
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Pin: Diamond
Markets: United States


LOS Upline: Fratantuno, Al & Mary Anne

Grow up, get a good education, get a good job, and work real hard climbing the ladder of success," was the philosophy Tom and Estelle were following when they were introduced to the Britt team.

They both had been hard workers all their lives, and this philosophy just seemed like the logical way to make their dreams come true, even though they had come from totally different backgrounds when they met during their senior year in high school. Estelle, the daughter of an Army colonel, had moved 11 times and gone to 13 different schools by the time she met Tom. She remembers, "Beginning my senior year as the new kid was quite a challenge.'

Tom had come from a very large and very close family, and opening his heart to others was quite easy for him. Tom and Estelle went to college together, both in five-year undergraduate programs. Working hard to graduate in four years, Tom received a degree in electrical engineering, and Estelle earned degrees in elementary and special education.

After graduation, Tom took a job with the Department of the Navy in Washington, DC, and Estelle began teaching right after they were married. "Here we were, two professionals with college degrees, and we could barely afford a one-bedroom apartment in the northern Virginia area. The only thing we could figure to get ahead was to enroll in graduate school and hope to succeed," Estelle recalls.

"We stumbled into this business by accident," says Tom. "I overheard Al Fratantuono talking to my boss about an additional professional-level secondary income. I literally chased Al for two weeks trying to see if he'd let me in on what he was talking about."

"We truly had no time to build a business," Estelle adds. "We were both working full-time, Tom was enrolled in a combined masters/doctorate program in computer engineering, and I was attending graduate school for my master's degree in special education. What time we had, we really made count."

This incredible opportunity has afforded the Joachims a lifestyle they could only dream about a few years ago. Estelle has long retired from teaching and is a full-time mom to their two sons, Tommy and Danny. On June 16,1995, a white, stretch limousine pulled up in front of the Department of the Navy and whisked Tom off to the land of freedom, as he said good-bye to a GM15 supervisory position with the federal government.

"Being totally debt-free is an awesome feeling," Tom and Estelle agree. "Knowing our 5300-square-foot home is totally paid for, as well as our cars and boat, is terrific. Traveling the beaches of the world with our friends and business associates, Al and Mary Anne Fratantuono, and all the other people of integrity that make up the Britt team, is a dream come true.

"However, all the material wealth pales in comparison to our greatest accomplishment: being full-time parents and mentors to our two incredible sons. With hard work, determination, and a 'never-quit' attitude, our dreams are all coming true."