Hurt, Ty & Janie

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Ty & Janie Hurt
Pin: Diamond (1981)
Markets: United States

Network TwentyOne

LOS Upline: Orr, Coleman & Charlotte


Diamond 1981


When a friend of the Hurts was prospected for the business, he said, "Go talk to Ty Hurt, he'll do anything for a dollar."

And he already was. In addition to Ty and Janie Hurt both being hairdressers, Ty ran his own beauty school all week and operated a car wash business over the weekend.

Living with five children in a trailer park, they were willing to look at anything. "The guy harassed me for five months to see the plan and when I finally saw it I knew it was a sham." Ty was so argumentative at the meeting that he convinced the other five couples they should leave and not join - and they left!

However, Ty stayed for four more hours arguing with his sponsor until he signed up.

Six months after Ty attended a seminar where a member of the Texas Attorney General's office spoke of the strength and integrity of the business, Janie was able to quit her job and be with her children full time. And, seven months later, they were making more money than we had ever made before.

"I think when you believe in the possibilities, it is a fun journey. It was a dedicated journey because we were at it every night. But, it wasn't a sacrifice. Sacrifice is only when you don't believe in the dream."