Godfrey, Simon & Yvonne

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Godfrey, Simon & Yvonne
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Pin: Diamond
Markets: New Zealand

Network TwentyOne

LOS Upline: [[]]

Yvonne Godfrey is an internationally acclaimed businesswoman. In 1977 she began a network marketing business which now spans every continent of the globe. Motivated by a desire for financial freedom for her family, Yvonne and Simon, her husband of 33 years, created an annual six figure passive income which continues to grow today. By 24, she had replaced her accounting income, giving her the freedom to be a full time mother on a full time income and to keep her brain! “Not many women crack that trifecta,” she says with a wry smile. She and Simon have two adult daughters and a four-year-old grandson. After three decades of success, Yvonne continues to build her organisation, developing leaders in business around the world. Sharing her wisdom is her greatest passion and to date, more than 100,000 people in 20 countries have benefited from her wealth of experience. Yvonne is a witty, clear and common sense communicator. Her presentations are memorable, packed full of wisdom and ‘take home’ value.