Girish & Priti Sambyal

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Girish & Priti Sambyal
Girish & Preeti Sambyal.jpg
Pin: Diamond 2011
Markets: India


LOS Upline: Gala, Kanti & Lata

From near bankruptcy in conventional business, to Diamond-ship in the Amway business, our story is a roller coaster ride, with all the masala of a Bollywood pot boiler thrown in.

I had been an entrepreneur even before I married Preeti in 1987. Ever since I passed out of college in 1983, I have been on my own doing all kinds of small and big businesses. I failed in most of them but still kept on struggling, and never ever applied for a job, even though I had a degree in Management.

My father was a Major in the Indian Army and retired from active services in 1979. So we were surviving on a meager army pension. I remember my mother had to take up a job to support the family. Those days were really difficult, but as they say "Tough times never last, but tough people do" and we survived.

We are a very supportive and close knit family but the idea of a job and retirement never impressed me, when I was young. I started my business career with a meager capital depending heavily on borrowed money and financial institutions, and usually landing up with a huge amount of debt. However, there was a brighter side to it all too. Being an exporter I had traveled extensively abroad to European and Gulf countries even before Amway came into our lives.

I had always been a big dreamer, long before the famous book "Secret" was written. I wanted to be my own boss and own multiple businesses, even before Robert Kiyosaki wrote his world famous best seller "Rich Dad Poor Dad". The only problem was, I did not how to put the pieces of the puzzle together. Full marks to my wife Preeti who supported me in all my ventures even when I was broke, and down with 40 Lakhs in debt. Thanks to her perseverance, today she is enjoying a life-style which most middle class families can not even dream of, all thanks to the Amway business.

We joined Amway India in 1998 and were declared Silver Producers from May 1998 onwards, and till today we have never come down from the 21% commission slab. As we had lost a lot of money in the earlier businesses, this business was too simple for us. The start up investment was never a problem... Working hard and late night was my second nature...Time management ,self motivation,delayed gratification and importance of a mentor was all that I used to practice even earlier. So when we jumped into Amway, following the Britt System was very easy and automatic. The Amway business was too good to be true, and both Preeti and myself wanted it to work for us. Hence we were willing to go to any length to become successful.The Amway products were always great! The quality and size of the bottles were never a concern for us. We were doing 100 PV from day one even when there were only 6 products in the Indian market.

We have a lot to thank our mentors in BWW and the Amway corporation for. Even though we started out in 1998 with a debt of 40 lakhs, today we are absolutely free financially. Prior to the Amway business, we had a small accommodation. And, today we live in a huge palatial independent bungalow in a very posh locality of Pune city, thanks to Amway. Before 1998, we had a Maruti 800 but today we have 4 cars lined up outside our bungalow. Exotic international vacations every year,ornaments for Preeti, liquid cash in the bank and everything else that we dreamed of, is coming true for us. This is the magic of Amway & the power of the Britt System.

Amway is that "Alladin ka Chirag" which when rubbed, makes all the dreams come true, and BWW is like the deity Laxmi, the Goddess of wealth whom we all pray to, everyday.

So Friends, Dream bigger than your neighbour does, and Go Crown! See you on the beaches of the world.