Ganason & Panja

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Ganason & Panja
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Pin: Diamond
Markets: Malaysia


LOS Upline: Gladstone & Violet Pereira

It was a humble beginning for both of us. The only option we had at that time was to study hard with the hope that education will be the answer for us to be free from the poverty. We did not have any big dreams in life – our life plan was just to lead an ordinary life. We were not thought to dream BIG, set goals, lead luxury life. We were just thought or would term it as ‘programmed’ to study hard to get a good job and lead a simple, mediocre life.

I ( Ganason ) graduated as a pharmacist. I started working and life was just a routine 9 – 5 job and then family, home,tv,friends and that’s it ! Even-though I could progress in my career from an executive to a senior manager level, life was just like most of the salary earners, there were more days than money, more bills to settle than the income.

The turning point in our life is when we join the AMWAY business. We objected to join the business in the initial stage as we could not understand the value of the business, infact we had no intention to build any business. Our sponsor persisted and we eventually ‘sign up'. We would like to convey our sincere thanks to our sponsor, Munusamy & Santhi, our upline Founders Platinum, Joe and Lenny, our Founders Diamond, Gladstone & Violet for the opportunity and guidance . We also would like to thank many of our family members and also our children ( Agilan, Reygana, Agilesh) for their support, sacrifices and understanding. We also would like to thank ALL the leaders in our organization. Our message to our leaders is ‘Believe, work hard and you can make it happen – Dream 21, Go Diamond. Millions THANKS to Rich and Jay for the golden AMWAY opportunity.

Actually, we were about to get married when we started the business. We did not go for any honeymoon. The 1st outing after our marriage was to an Amway function, infact that was the 1st Amway exposure to Panja. The function was really a turning point to Panja and after that, both of us made a serious decision to build the business. After that, there were no more excuses, no more turning back, we made our decision – we continued to build the business. We face a lot challenges, rejection, disappointments and failures. ( I would rather address the failure as temporary setback as in Amway there is no failures, only challenges which we use them as lessons to further improve ourselves. Only people who quit fails in Amway, so never never never quit ! ). We were very independent from the beginning, we understood this is our own business.

It was not an easy ride towards success; we had many challenges throughout the journey to our Platinum and eventually Diamond level. It took us about 10 years to move from Platinum to Emerald but we only took 1 year to move on from Emerald to Diamond level. Every challenges made us wiser and stronger. We always took challenges as the stepping stone for our progress and not as stumbling block. We choose to be the thermostat that controls the environment and not thermometer, which will let environment to control it. Nothing great can ever be achieved without enthusiasm, we were very excited about the business once we understood its value. Amway can provide us financial security,luxury lifestyle, freedom , healthy lifestyle, free 5 star travels, personality developments, positive friends and more. We even have international businesses in few countries. Our simple motivation phrase is ‘YOU CAN DO IT, DREAM 21, VETRI NITCHIYAM, GO DIAMOND’.