Edwin Lim Weng Yee & Lynette Soh Wee Lyn

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Edwin Lim Weng Yee & Lynette Soh Wee Lyn
Edwin Lim Weng Yee & Lynette Soh Wee Lyn.jpg
Pin: Diamond
Markets: Malaysia


LOS Upline: J P Teo & Teresa Wong

Their Stories

Certain that he wouldn’t achieve financial freedom as an employee, Edwin opened a boutique at 19, followed by a hair styling academy at 25. When they found out about the lifestyle and uncommon freedom they could achieve, they decisively switched paths and focused on building an AMWAY business. They began to see remarkable achievements in five years; from qualifying as Platinum and Ruby Directs in 2007 until their Emerald Direct qualification in 2012. They have no plans of stopping anytime soon. In fact, they are setting ever higher goals to help more of their friends make a positive change through AMWAY.

Chronology of Achievement

Platinum - 2007

Ruby - 2007

Founders Ruby - August 2011

Emerald - 2012

Diamond - August 2013