Dutt, Jere & Eileen

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Jere & Eileen Dutt
Pin: Crown 1979[1]
Markets: United States


LOS Upline: Joe & Helyne Victor
Notes:First Amway Diamonds, First Amway Double Diamonds, One of First 13 Couples to Qualify for First Diamond Incentive Trip

Jere Dutt started his Nutrilite Distributorship in 1952 and converted it into an Amway Distributorship in 1959. He and his wife, Eileen, became the first Diamond IBOs in 1964 and the first Double Diamonds in 1966. Later after Eileen became ill, Jody (Jere Jr) and Gina Dutt stepped in to help manage the business. They qualified Crown Direct in 1979.[1] [2] The business is now run by three generations of the Dutt family.

Jere Dutt is a member of the IBOAI Presidents Cabinet.[2]


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