Dr. Jayashree Rath

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Dr. Jayashree Rath & Dr. Manoj
Dr.Jayashree Rath.jpg
Pin: Diamond 2012
Markets: India


LOS Upline: Mohanty, Rakhal & Mita
Website: www.brittindia.com

I am a Doctor (Sonographer) and have my own clinic. My husband Dr Manoj is a Physician. We are blessed with two cute sons Abisesh and Anibesh. They are the reason why we are in this Amway business today.

As busy professionals we had to develop lots of courage, commitment and confidence to change our priorities to build this business. Man makes a dream and dream makes man, but Amway combined with Britt system fulfills all Dreams. The key to happiness is not success, but happiness is surely a key to success. We Amway distributors are successful because they are always happy. The key to failure is trying to satisfy everybody. Therefore we need to do what is right and not what we like.

After attending many BWW functions we realized that the Amway business with the right mentor and proper work ethics can transform anyone from zero to Hero. Therefore, we asked ourselves – Why? Why not? Why not we? Why not now?

From a Doctor by profession to Amway business owner our journey was quite memorable. Challenges did come, but we never said God here is a big challenge we always said Hey challenge- here is our big God.

Life has NO INTERVAL, dream has NO PAUSE POINT, time has NO VACATION. Don’t waste a moment in life. Take decision today. Rock it and live for it. Right now, Right here