C.Nagaveni & T Chandrasekaran

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C.Nagaveni & T Chandrasekaran
Pin: Diamond
Markets: India


LOS Upline: K.Sreenivasan & S.Jayanthi
Website: www.brittindia.com

C.Nagaveni & T Chandrasekaran

I am a beautician and my husband is a theatre owner. I saw the Amway business opportunity when I was busy in my business. Though I was earning enough money and I was satisfied with the income, I always longed for secured Income, early retirement and foreign tours. I realized that the Amway business opportunity was the only way to fulfill all our wishes. I immediately grabbed the opportunity.

After completing Platinumship my husband joined me and we both worked hard together to complete our Emerald ship. The Britt system played an important role in shaping our success.

While doing our other business, we did not work together. Our dreams and goals were not in sync. This was one reason why we encountered many hardships in that business. However, it was completely different while building this business. We both worked together and shared the similar frequency of thoughts, goals and dreams.

As the old saying goes, “Behind every successful man there is a woman.” But, after joining this business I would like to say, “Behind every successful woman there is a man.” “Your momentum is your team’s momentum. And your unity is your teams unity". So husband and wife relationship is crucial and the decisive factor in this business.

We feel indebted to our inspiring uplines, and would also like to thank our dedicated downlines, and our wonderful daughters: Nandene who is 15 years old, and Yamini who is 11 Years old.

This business can change your life. Build it with honesty, success will surely be yours.