Arun & Pragna Pathak

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Arun & Pragna Pathak
Pin: Diamond
Markets: India


LOS Upline: Kumar Shiva Ramakrishnan & Anjali Kumar
Notes:upline emerald Dr. Sangeeta & Shankar Devraj

Arun & Pragna Pathak (Mechanical Engineer & House Wife, Surat)

I am a mechanical engineer and have worked for 17 years in various leading companies. Pragna, my wife is a housewife. We both come from middle class families in Saurashtra, Gujarat. Before joining this business, we were looking for alternate means of creating an additional income to meet our growing needs.

When we saw the business plan for the first time, I could only visualize myself making Rs. 5000/- per month out of this opportunity. I was attracted to the low capital investment and flexible working hours of this business, because I had a full time job already. In the last 6 years of this business, we could fulfill all our financial needs and I could also retire from my job, 22 years ahead of time; all thanks to the BWW System. Due to this business, we have also been able to provide a positive environment for our daughter Aditi and son Krutarth. They are the joy of our life and have been the source of inspiration behind our dreams.

We thank GOD for giving us this wonderful business opportunity. We are thankful to our parents and family members, and the entire LOS, the Direct Selling business and BWW for their unstinting help and support without which we wouldn’t have been successful in this business.