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Bob & Terry Andrews
Pin: Crown (1980) [1]
Markets: United States

Network TwentyOne

LOS Upline: Harter, Gus & Betty Jo




Success Story

"We wanted to get married, own our own business and have fun. And we did!"

Bob & Terry Andrews joined the Amway business in 1970. Their first office was the trunk of Bob’s 1968 Chevelle, complete with adding machine. Bob was 23 then, and Terry 19. They had learned about the network business opportunity and had gone looking for someone to sponsor them, and though their beginnings were modest, the results were just the opposite. Now, with their sons, Matt and Cale, they have a beautiful home with some acreage that includes a fishing pond. They use their beach home when they wish, visit Hawaii, have been swimming with dolphins in Australia and diving at the Great Barrier Reef with fellow business owners. Cale & Aura Andrews also qualify as Sapphire.

"We wouldn’t trade places with anyone else in the whole world,” says Bob. “It’s fun to love each other and love our life.”

Terry Andrews has been elected chair of the 2009 IBOAI Marketing Advisory Committee, and was a member of the 2007 IBOAI Marketing Advisory Committee.

Bob Andrews has been elected chairman of the 2009 IBOAI. He was the vice-chairman of the 2008 IBOAI and chairman of the 2007 IBOAI Legal & Ethics Committee.

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