Amarpreet & Sheena Chawla

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Amarpreet & Sheena Chawla
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Pin: Diamond 2009
Markets: India


LOS Upline: Int. Wallace, Bill & Kay/ Britt, Bill & Peggy Dir. in India
Notes:mentored by Double DiamondKumar Shiva Ramakrishnan & Anjali Kumar

Amarpreet & Sheena Chawla (Engineering Manager & Accountant, Bhopal, M.P.)

When we saw this business in 1996, I was an Engineering Manager in a growing silicon firm & Sheena, my wife, was an accountant in a private firm in California. We were working hard with the hope of a satisfactory and fruitful future when we came across the Direct Selling business.

We decided to join the business immediately as we were confident of its success. Our friends & relatives were not very happy with our decision to join this business as they felt that we were taking a major risk in our lives. After attending meetings and seminars, our decision to join the Direct Selling business strengthened quickly even further. In 1998, we decided to move to India to pursue our own business. I decided to burn all bridges and go all the way to build this business quickly.

Today, Sheena & I are financially stable and nobody can dictate terms to us. We learnt that the biggest risk in life is not taking risk at all because when you eliminate chances of losing; you also eliminate chances of winning. We would like to thank our upline and all our team members in this business who have helped us to reach this far.

Has Brand New Diamond 2017 Ranbir & Aman Singh

Downline LOS

With Mentor

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