Alvin Tham Wai Kim

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Alvin Tham Wai Kim
Pin: Executive Diamond
Markets: Malaysia


LOS Upline: Cheong Kwee Fatt & Ng Kim Mooi


  • Decided to build Amway business for the 5th time in September 2003

Lines of Sponsorship

  • Alvin Tham Wai Kim ( Executive Diamond )
    • Eric Tan & Kuek Hwee Seam ( Founders Platinum )
    • Yong Kok Wai & Cheah Pei Shang ( Founders Platinum )
    • Alex Lee & Adelyn Yeo ( Emerald )
      • Albert Yeo & Flora Yeo ( Founders Platinum )
        • Sim Siu Tin & Yeo Soon Kheng ( Founders Platinum )
      • Pauline Chai ( Founders Platinum )
    • Tham Wai Hong ( Emerald )
      • Willian Yeow & Vivian Chang ( Founders Platinum )
      • Wong Chih Lih ( Founders Platinum )
        • Ang Hian Keong ( Emerald )
          • Chang Chee Chyun & Lai Siang Hong ( Founders Platinum )
          • Ang Han Ser & Loo Chew Lian ( Emerald )
            • Loo Kim Leng & Tan Soo Huan ( Founders Platinum )
            • Tai Fook Lian & Yoong Yen Mooi ( Founders Emerald )
              • Yow Hoe Lock & Yvonne Ng ( Founders Platinum )
                • Liong Ai Ching & Chong Lay See ( Founders Platinum )
              • Tai Chai Yin & Chew Meng Yew ( Founders Paltinum )
              • Tai Kai Lun ( Founders Platinum )
          • Ang Hang Kok & Yap Li Teng ( Diamond )
            • Kee Tuan Ming ( Founders Platinum )
              • Kee Lim Na & Low Lee Kiang ( Founders Platinum )
                • Loh Choon Boon & Lua Peck Kuan ( Founders Platinum )
            • Alfred Yeo & Elva Lew ( Founders Platinum )
            • Steve Cheng & Tan Joo Gek ( Founders Emerald )
              • Cheng Khoon Song & Ng Chia Kim ( Founders Platinum )
              • Peggy Wong ( Founders Emerald )
                • Chen Ming Kin & Low Choy Mee ( Founders Platinum )
            • Lee Yon Siong & Leong Siew Fun ( Diamond )
              • Yong Kean Chin & Ngiam Woan Yau ( Founders Platinum )
                • Tan Kim Yeong & Tan Kooi Hoong ( Founders Platinum )
                • Goh Shin Hui & Wong Kow Boon ( Founders Platinum )
              • Sim Kwan Yong & Grace Lim ( Sapphire )
              • Wang Hui Nee & Tee Wei Hsiung ( Founders Platinum )
            • Ho Chorn Kong & New Yee Peng ( Emerald )

Sucess Story

Thanks to my mom and dad, Tham Choon Seng and Chu Choy Fong; my wife, Zhao Juan Juan, and my kids, Kuan Lam and Kei Lum; and my family members in Malaysia and Taiwan for their support and encouragement. You are the driving force behind my success in Amway.

I have finally lived up to your hopes and expectations by qualifying as Executive Diamond in less than five years. I am very proud of this achievement. And being invited to the Global Executive Diamond Event in Ada, Michigan then to Las Vegas to celebrate Amway’s 50th Anniversary is just icing on the cake!


Time flies. It has been five years since I reignited my Amway business. I used to own a travel agency. When I was on the verge of entering the second decade of my business, exhaustion came upon me. I decided to leave the travel and tours industry.

I can still recall clearly those years of travelling to China on my own to pitch my tour guide services to the local agencies. From scratch, my business grew steadily. There were times when I had to entertain up to thousands of tourists from China every month. That gave me a strong sense of achievement.

There was no time for me to rest at home even during Chinese New Year. Price cutting was rampant due to vicious competition. There was also the added pressure from retail outlets that wanted a share in the profits. Although I led a hectic life, my earnings dropped. That was how I spent two decades of my life.

In 2003, I fell sick and was hospitalised. I did a lot of soul searching and was confronted with the alarming truth that the prospect for the tour guide trade was fast dimming. There was no security for my future. In reality, I wasn’t able to put food on the table with my career of choice.

Start The Amway Business

When I was at a loss on what to do next, I came across an article in the papers with the title, ‘Amway a prominent leader in direct selling industry’. I was encouraged to seriously look in to direct selling. I was approached by many distributors – each with a different plan from a different company. After much thought, I chose Amway.

Today, while some of those direct selling companies either closed down or downsized, Amway has grown from strength to strength. This is a strong testament to the Amway Sales & Marketing Plan, and its ‘people helping people’ business philosophy.

Challanges & Rewards

My success has proven the critics wrong. Of course, some will say that it was easier for me because I was already my own boss and had the know-how from running my own travel agency.

What they failed to see is that it had not been smooth sailing all the way for me. I had signed up twice and had four failed attempts before succeeding with the fifth. This proves that Amway’s door is wide open and anyone can succeed if they put in the effort. I do not believe in claims about the market becoming saturated. It is an excuse.

It’s never too late to start an Amway business. After five years of hard work, I have obtained security in life which can be passed on to my next generation. I have also achieved freedom in terms of finances, spirituality and time.

I have been invited to Amway’s luxurious overseas seminar twice a year for the past five years. I have had the opportunity to set foot on some of the world’s top destinations such as Tokyo, San Francisco, Venice, Rome, the Mediterranean, Vancouver, Alaska, Switzerland, Hokkaido and Osaka. My next stop will be Ada, Michigan and Las Vegas.

To succeed in Amway, the first important step is to believe in it. Only then can you achieve teamwork and from there you can develop your business. That’s why you must adjust and align your thoughts, your mindset and your attitude. Follow the right leaders, conduct yourself properly and adopt the right habit. If you keep yourself in tip-top condition physically and mentally, and keep up your momentum, success is surely within your reach!

Uplines & Mentors

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to all the senior leaders in Amway China and Hong Kong for their advice and guidance. Thanks to my upline Founders Triple Diamond Direct Distributors Siew Fang & Celia Wong, Executive Diamond Direct Distributors Wong Kam Waing & Cindy Tiong, Lee Choon Kong & Ng Kwai Yong, Founders Diamond Direct Distributors Cheong Kwee Fatt & Ng Kim Mooi, Founders Platinum Direct Distributors Chung Cheng Yeow & Low Yun Toh and Choong Yuet Lan & Tham Wai Kong. Thanks to my downlines for their cooperation. I wouldn’t be where I am today without your trust and camaraderie.

Not forgetting all the leaders in our 12 training centres for their support and assistance. My gratitude also goes to Amway management and all fellow Diamonds – you have set good examples for me to look up to.

The world is now embroiled in a severe financial crisis. In spite of the gloom, Amway continues to grow and expand. Any discerning person would know by now which company he or she can rely on to overcome this adversity and forge ahead. Amway is no longer merely an option, it has become a necessity.

For the happiness of your family, for your future – give Amway your best shot. See you at the top!

(From Amagram Malaysia, May 2009)

Our Journey in Amway Business

I had attempted to develop my Amway business in 1985, 1994, 1998 and 2001 without much success. In September 2003, I decided to build my Amway business for the fifth time. I qualified as Silver Producer in the first month, Platinum in the sixth month, Emerald in the 11th month, and in the 23rd month, I qualified as Diamond. It all happened in less than two years.

This is what I’ve learned from my journey in Amway since 1985: • Established for 30 years, Amway has tremendous market potential. Personally, I believe that the best is yet to come for Amway. • There is no such thing as a saturated market. • You don’t need 10 years to qualify as a Diamond. • Even professionals and business owners acknowledged Amway’s potential and started their own businesses. • You can still qualify as Diamond even though you’ve made four or more unfruitful attempts.

As long as you are willing to give yourself another chance, Amway will always welcome you with open arms.

(From Amagram Malaysia, April 2007)