A Vijaya & S Alagesan

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S. Alagesan & A. Vijaya
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Pin: Diamond
Markets: India


LOS Upline: K.Sreenivasan & S.Jayanthi
Website: http://www.brittindia.com

S. Alagesan & A. Vijaya

I am an Auditor, from Salem, Tamil Nadu, and a Practioner in Income Tax & Sales Tax. My wife is a Home Maker, and has a Commerce degree. We were born in an ordinary middle class family. After our marriage, I was into five traditional businesses apart from my auditing profession. But all these businesses gave me heavy losses, worries, tension, etc., life was very hectic.

I was paying interest of more than Rs.30, 000/- per month for my debt. We prayed to the almighty for a better future. God gave me this wonderful AMWAY Business in July 1999. When I saw the plan, I wondered, got excited and started building this business on the same day. I thought all the people whom I show the plan will get excited and start the business. But the result was entirely opposite, and I was therefore disappointed. During this period, my great Uplines guided me to attend major seminars, weekly meetings and to understand the business. The meetings, cassettes, books, Uplines counseling and system support helped me to go Silver within 5 months, and then on to Emerald in next 2 years. Without Britt system and its leaders we could not have reached Diamond this year.

We are thankful to BWW, Uplines & all our growing downlines, who really love us. We also want to thank our son: A. Nanthakumar, B.Com., Final year and our daughter A. Prenshilekha, XI-std, for their continuous support and encouragements that helped us go Diamond. Often many parents make excuses that, "I can not do this business, as my son & daughter are studying X & XII standard." But our son & daughter always secured top ranks in their schools, and we did not have to bother much about their studies. They always said, "We are focusing in our studies, and both of you focus on your AMWAY business, because we want freedom in money, time & security".

We are very proud to be BWW students, where we learned more about our life, freedom, positive association, persistency and consistency. My wife played a major role in taking this business to great heights by religiously following relationship & volume building lessons under the guidance and support of our Uplines.

Success is nothing but CHANGE. The secret to go Diamond is to make a concrete decision, sticking to it strongly and never giving up at any cost. Keep doing 9-5-3 BIB with maximum integrity. Sacrifice few short-term pleasures like watching TV, reading newspapers, spending time with friends, neighbors & relatives for useless affairs.

If WE can do it, YOU can do it .Believe in your self; pray to God, and undoubtedly you can go DIAMOND.