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The newest Taiwanese Amagram says that Sunny Su & Debra Hsu Hsieh have recently achieved a level of 55 FAA, but I would like to know where did they achieve it. As far as I know, they have 2 separate businesses - in Taiwan (their first business) and in China (second).
I know they previously achieved 50 FAA in China (2004), but I think that Chinese bonus system was changed since then... Does the bonus system in China include FAA points? In other words, did they achieve 55 FAA in their second (Chinese) business? Or did they jump from their Crown Ambassador (1993) to 55 FAA Founders Crown Ambassador (2008) in Taiwan? It doesn't sound too likely to me, though they were recognized in Taiwanese Amagram...
Or was their Chinese business somehow "transferred" to Taiwan so that they could receive the bonuses for the work they done? ... to many questions... Does anybody (besides Sunny & Debra of course ;-)) know the answers?--SP75 12:54, 16 January 2009 (UTC)