Staffan Ohlson

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Staffan Ohlson
Staffan Ohlson2.jpg
Pin: Founders Diamond
Markets: India

Network TwentyOne

LOS Upline: Goncz , Daniel & Eniko
Website: [[1]]

Staffan Ohlson came to India with just 2 contact numbers and landed up at Mumbai. He is now married to Pramilla and as a Diamond in the business is inspiring thousands of Indians to set higher goals and achieve them. Staffan comes from a typical middleclass family in Sweden. At age 22, he started his own traditional business, with head quarters in Russia . The business grew and employed more than 100 people with offices in 4 European countries. He then moved to Australia and was shown the Amway business at a point in his life when he was really looking for another option. Initially very sceptical, it took 6 months before joining the Amway business in Australia, and then after taking one month to sponsor his first person, he built his Australian business to the Platinum level. When Amway launched in India in 1998 Staffan moved to India with only two contacts on his arrival. He knew absolutely no one, did not understand or speak the local languages, and did not even have a place to stay when arriving, his entire business had to be built from scratch. "I landed in India with three suitcases: one with clothes and personal belongings, and two suitcases full of tapes by Mitch Sala and Jim Dornan... Staffan built from scratch to silver in 3 months. Six months after that qualified platinum Ruby in month 7. Emerald in 30 months. Then stayed emerald for 3 full years! "I never made a real decision to move ahead". On 13th October 2005, Staffan made his decision for diamond. "I changed my entire approach to the business. What changed? My entire approach to the business changed and I could do in a couple of months, what I was never able to achieve in the previous 3 years".