Sneh Lata & Rajesh Kumar Rathore

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Sneh Lata & Rajesh Kumar Rathore
Pin: Founders Diamond
Markets: India

Network 21

LOS Upline:

It feels good to share our story now. Now we understand the true meaning of a successful life. 12 years back, when we joined this business, we never had any thought about a life full of dreams. I & Lata came from middle Class families, from Distt. Etah in Uttar Pradesh. My father was into agriculture and Lata’s father was in the Army. Before joining this business, I had heard that getting a good education is a must to get a god job. After graduation, I completed my diploma in Civil Engineering & become a civil engineer. Lata was a homemaker. We have four beautiful daughters Jyoti, Ambika, Lakshmi & Sneha and a son Divyansh who are like princesses & prince for us. We were introduced to this business by one of my friends without knowing much. When we understood the business plan, I took up this business very seriously but on a part time basis. Although we faced many challenges while building this business, we learnt one thing: If the dream is big enough current facts do not count for much. Before this business, life was very complicated as there was no balance in time, money and family. We were not reaching anywhere in life and realized that we were doing same thing and expecting different results. Then, we took a decision to build this business seriously & worked on it. I quit my job in the year 2002 when we became Founder’s Emerald. We had experienced many good and tough things in past, but my mentors had firm belief in us and they always motivated us. I learned in this business that no challenge is permanent and affects our entire life. We learnt to fix the problem & not blame others for it. We have many unbelievable memories up to the journey of Founder’s Diamond. We are very thankful to my whole family, Unbelievable support of my elder daughter and younger brother and his wife. We sincerely thank Rich & Jay for introducing this awesome concept. In the beginning money was the primary reason to build this business, but we stayed because of the type of positive, kind and humble people & seeing many dreams come true. Now we are building this business because we have many big dreams for our team and for our families. We also discovered that this was the only business that could provide valuable things like loving and caring friends and ethical values which will mould you into a more responsible and better human being. My recommendation to all those who want to be successful in this business is: If you do your best, God will do the rest, keep going.. Until you succeed. Stay focused, be consistent and take action on daily basis and do not get distracted by petty things. Everyone has problems & obstacles in life, but keep your dreams alive & always have faith in yourself. Consistency, persistence, discipline & focus are the basic fundamentals to build this business. “If I can do it, you can too”.