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Skip & Susan Ross
Pin: Crown
Markets: United States

Network TwentyOne

LOS Upline: Hansen, Fred & Bernice

"He found the business dovetailed perfectly with his commitment to help others.”

"Skip Ross has a bachelor of arts degree in social science and a bachelor of divinity and master’s in theology from Fuller Seminary. He found that building this kind of business dovetailed perfectly with his commitment to help others. Susan’s background as a teacher in primary education blended perfectly with his, and in addition she had grown up in an active business family. Skip and Susan wanted especially to reach teen-agers, and as their business became successful, they purchased a ranch near Grand Rapids, which they named Circle “A”. “The main focus of the ranch,” says Skip, “is to teach young people to reach higher levels of achievement, contribution and fulfillment, to say yes to their potential and to become all God created them to be. This business is an expression of what we have committed our lives to. And it’s now on a world stage."

Skip produced a set of four tapes called You Can Be a Winner. At the latest these would have been made in the early 1980's, if not earlier. This outlined his formula for success it was DL=(GGE+PS)*PSI That is Dynamic Living equal to God Given Equipment plus Principle of Success and was multiplied up by Proper Self Image. This audio series went on to discuss God Given Equipment and Success Principles and spent a significant amount of time on developing a Proper Self Image. These tapes are considered classic audio's by many IBO's

He also Authored a book called Say Yes to Your Potential with Carole Carlson. This was first published in 1983 with further editions regularly to this day. It covered the same material as the tape series.

Skip Ross also has his own web site

Their daughter, Melody, and her husband Chris qualified as new Platinums in 2007.