Swaminathan, Ravi & Dr. Priya

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Ravi Swaminathan & Dr. Priya
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Pin: Diamond
Markets: India


Website: http://www.brittindia.com
Notes:Upline Emerald in India is Vishwanath G. S. & Sheela Vishwanath

I am a Chemical Engineer, and my wife, Priya Ravi, is a Dentist. We have two lovely sons, Abhimanyu and Anshuman, both students and Amway distributors.

I always desired to have a successful business. We started a couple of businesses and were successful too. But, all of them lacked security like all small businesses. We were on a lookout for something better. We initially joined the Amway business as we found the startup cost was very low. We did not know the potential of the business back then. In fact, I cooked-up all possible reasons why it would not work as I was not very keen to build it. But, Priya liked what she saw in the business plan. She was a big dreamer and therefore we decided to build it.

I remember my father had once said, “If you are going to start something, you don't quit. You give it your best.” As we began to build this business with passion, dedication and sincerity, we started getting positive results. It did not take long to estimate its potential, and also realize that this was the business opportunity we were seeking.

Initially, our goal was to earn a few thousand rupees extra! But today, our purpose in life is much larger. We are grateful to the BWW system, the tremendous mentorship and friendship from our uplines in India and in the U.S, and the fantastic team we have with us. We feel everyone is a blessing from God.

Believe in yourself and the business. You can do it too.