Rashmi & Sushil Pachnanda

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Rashmi & Sushil Pachnanda
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Pin: Executive Diamond
Markets: India

Network TwentyOne

LOS Upline: Sala, Mitch & Deidre
Notes:In Mitch & Deidre SALA LOS Group

Rashmi & Sushil Pachnanda

I am a Merchant Navy Captain and my wife, Rashmi, is a computer professional. Both of us clearly had what may be regarded as good education, training and careers by our parents and society. But we were realizing that the traditional equations were changing and something different would be needed by us.

We always wanted to be together as a family without me having to go away back to my ship for several months at a time. Our son, Varun, missed me and I too felt guilty about not being able to spend more time with him and Rashmi.

To solve this problem, we tried several traditional businesses but without much success. In the end, we lost time and resources. At that time, we were introduced to the Amway business plan and immediately joined this business. I believe that no proper business planning exists in the lives of most people and nobody is enthusiastic enough to teach you anything in any other field except this business.

Together we built this business under trying circumstances with very difficult work schedules. As we grew through the Amway business, we encouraged people around us to endorse this unique business concept. It has the immense potential to transform lives for the better. We are ever so grateful for the knowledge and training we have received and the great support of our upline team and Amway.

We are amazed at this business; it comes wrapped in an ordinary way, but the deeper one gets into it, the better it looks, completely opposite to other traditional businesses which might look good on the surface, but are so problematic to operate. Not only success, but also a great bunch of friends is what we have got out of the Amway business. There is tremendous scope in India for this "power of partnership" business. We look forward to the day when a million parents and young people alike will look upon this business with pride, as an extremely worthwhile, viable and multi-benefit opportunity.

We would like people to try this little exercise - mentally fast forward all aspects of your life five to ten years ahead, and if you are happy with what you see, fine. But if there seems to be any element still missing or incomplete, even a little less than completely satisfactory, then this business is definitely yours. The idea takes some time to take shape in our mind and it gets firmed as we research on the concept.