McKann, Robert & Betty

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Robert & Betty McKann
Pin: Diamond
Markets: United States

Network TwentyOne

LOS Upline: Strehli, Chuck & Jean

Ask Bob what the business has done for him and he answers emphatically, "Well, I'm alive!" At the height of NASA's space program, Bob was working long hours, seven days a week, and under tremendous pressure. "I've seen a lot of people fold under that kind of pressure, and I would have, too. This business was the answer to a prayer."

Although the government prohibited Bob from having another occupation, Betty was able to work the business for the both of them with Bob helping wherever he could. "We got a tremendous amount of help from our upline," and in 14 months, they reached Platinum.

For Betty, it was a chance to stay at home with their five children and still help create the extra income needed for such things as college funds. Three of their children have joined them in their business.

With a Diamond lifestyle, it has been 26 years since either Bob or Betty has had to go to a job. They enjoy debt-free living, fun with their five children and fourteen grandchildren and the freedom to travel the world.

But as Bob recalls, "I would not have lasted if I had stayed at my job, that's a given. Above all, this business has given me the gift of life."