Leadership Bonus

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  • Paid to a Distributor who has developed a 21% group, while maintaining at least 15% personal group PV.
  • Leadership Bonus of 4% will be paid on the personal group BV of the 21% group.

The sales and Marketing plan provides that each Leadership Bonus recipient also generates a Leadership Bonus to his or her sponsor that is 4% of his BV or the established 4% Leadership Bonus Adjustment (LBA) wchichever is greater. The 4% LBA is equal to 4% of the BV amount needed to qualify at the 21% Performance Bonus level.

Rules governing calculation of the LB:

  • 4% LB is paid on every dollar of BV each month. Amway computes and pay all LB.
  • It is always computed from the lowest level up - never from the highest level down
  • Your qualified sponsor is entitled to a LB based on your volume. If your personal group BV is not sufficient to generate the 4% LBA amount to which your sponsor is entitled, Amway adjusts the amount of the LB you receive to fulfil the 4% LBA to your sponsor.

By virtue of your own BV, you keep:

  1. All of the LB generated by your 21% groups you personally sponsor if your personal group PV exceeds the 21%.
  2. Some of the LB generated by your 21% groups if your personal PV is between 15% and 21%, or you sponsor 2 or more 21% groups.
  3. None of the LB generated if you only sponsor one 21% group and your personal group PV is less than 15%.