Justin Hau Yan Keat

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Justin Hau Yan Keat
Pin: Executive Diamond
Markets: Malaysia


LOS Upline: Wong Chong Seng & Lai Chan

Success Story

In 1996, I was an 18-year-old school leaver moving from Melaka to Kuala Lumpur to build a brighter future. I worked as a salesman for three years but as I felt uncertain about my future, I decided to learn a new skill, signing up for a fashion design course. This was when I met my sponsors, Lio Wuh Poh & Lim Kai Teng.

I attended a meeting in 2001 and the sharing on the value of life really changed my perspective and enlightened me on the true values of AMWAYTM.

Initially, I encountered various challenges. I relied on public transport and barely made enough with a monthly income of only RM950. I used to worked long hours in the mall with hardly any time for myself. When I clinched my Silver Producer pin, I bought a used car but it was stolen just after three months. I felt so helpless and upset but an audio recording from Emerald Chan Paik San cheered me on.

My car may have been stolen but no one could steal my dreams. I was determined to build my career with AMWAY.

So I pushed on and quali ed as Platinum in 2003, Founders Platinum and Ruby in 2004, and Sapphire and Emerald in 2006. Since then, I have been enjoying the nancial security and absolute freedom offered by AMWAY.

Still, the unexpected can happen. After a health scare in 2009, I realised that nothing in life is certain. Helpfully, during my recovery period, I received a steady income from my business and even invites to a few ALS. I considered myself fortunate to have grabbed the AMWAY Business Opportunity and the secure lifestyle it provides.

To make my father proud, I planned out my next goal, to qualify as Diamond by 2014. Today, I have succeeded, turning ridicules into a miracle. AMWAY has helped me ful l my dreams and changed the fate of my family. I also get to help my business associates and their families rewrite the story of their lives.

I am grateful to my parents Hau Kim Sun & Goh Siu Chu for the sacri ces they have made for my siblings and I. My heartfelt gratitude to my upline, including my sponsors Lio Wuh Poh & Lim Kai Teng, Founders Platinum Lim Leong Chuan & Lio Wuh Tai, Jason Yong & Lio Wuh Ting, Loke Swee Kwong & Tiong Mee Yen, Sapphire Seow Choo Peng & Mah Nguk Fong, Diamond Wong Chong Seng & Lai Chan, Diamond Peter & Emily Kwong, Yee Ah Moi & Chong Kai, Executive Diamond Robert Yap Kim Choo & Lily Yee Lai Wah, Executive Diamond Cheong Kwee Fatt & Ng Kim Mooi, Executive Diamond Wong Kam Waing & Cindy Tiong, and Crown Direct Distributors Siew Fang & Celia Wong.

Thanks to all my business partners in the organisation and team members for their guidance, trust and support. Also thanks to all AMWAY staff and AMWAY Co-founders Rich & Jay.