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An IBO (Independant Business Owner) is a person who has signed a contract of partnership with the the Amway Corporation. An IBO can also be referred to as an ABO (Amway Business Owner) or Amway Distributor in different markets.


An IBO has the right to distribute (purchase and re-sell) a long range of exclusive, high quality products (see below) marketed by the Amway Corporation, as well as offer the option of signing contracts with the Amway Corporation to others (usually termed sponsoring), thus in effect offering the same opportunity for financial benefit as the IBO enjoys himself. If an IBO chooses to build a network of consumers in this fashion there ample opportunity for creating a substantial income based on the turnover in each IBO's network. This income is calculated according to a bonus system based on a monthly turnover in each IBO's network.

The Independant part of the name refers to two things;
Firstly, the IBO is a business owner in his own right, and is not employed by Amway. The IBO retains the contract as long as he wishes to, and terminates it at his own discretion. The contract lists a set of legal and ethical terms which must be adhered to, but only a violaton of these terms may lead to a premature termination of a contract by the Amway Corporation.
Secondly, each IBO owns his own business which is independant of other IBOs; thus, it is possible for any IBO to create a greater profit than any other IBO, no matter their placement in the network of consumers.


Those who are interested in purchasing Amway's products but in working as an IBO, the Amway Corporation offers a different contract - the membership. People with this type of contract are usually referred to as members. This gives access to the local website and the full range of products available in that market at retail prices; however, only IBO's have the option of retailing Amways products as well as building a network of consumers with the prospect of building an income.


A sample of brands and products exclusive to the Amway Corporation; please note that this list is by no means exhaustive:


Nutrilite (known as Nutriway in certain markets) is the worlds leading brand in organically grown food supplements.


Artistry has for years been among the world four leading brands of skin care and cosmetics.

Eddie Funkhouser

Eddie Funkhouser is a renowned makeup artiste, who has worked with many stars in Hollywood. He has now launched his own brand of cosmetics, exclusively marketed through the Amway Corporation.


Amway's flagship are the cleaning products, primarily L.O.C. and SA8, for which the corporation has recieved an award for "outstanding care of the environment".