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  • Be sure you review How to Edit a Page on WikiPedia
  • Write in an Encylopedia-like manner
  • Provide links to source material wherever possible
  • Controversial or potentially libellous material should always be supported with reliable references
  • Unless notable for another reason, only Diamonds and above should have their own articles or otherwise listed
  • If you are unsure about something, put it in the Talk pages for discussion first

Difference with Wiki standards

  • people with potential "bias" regarding a particular topic are encouraged to edit if they are knowledgable in that topic and can properly source their material
  • "original research" is allowed, as long as it is properly sourced.


Templates are used to provide a standard format for information in an article. At present the following templates exist -

You can see usage instructions for the templates under the Discussion Tab for the template.

Editing Standards

Country Categories

An IBO should only be given a Country Category or have a market listed in their info box if they are Diamond or above in that country. This makes it easy to retrieve a list of Diamonds and above within a particular market.

Pin Categories

Except for notable persons, only Diamonds and above should currently be listed in this Wiki. They should be categorized at their highest pin level. If a person has qualified in multiple countries, then they should be categorized in each separate pin level.

LOS/LOA downline

LOS downline diamonds may be listed in an individual diamonds article. LOA downline should be listed under the line of affiliation. So for example, the Bill Britt article may list his actual downline, but any LOA affiliated downline should be listed under Britt WorldWide.

  • Publication of detailed LOS information is a serious violation of Amway's rules and may result in an IBO's termination