Evans, Stan & Ruth

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Stan & Ruth Evans
Pin: Crown (1978)
Markets: United States

Network TwentyOne

LOS Upline: Muller, Jim & Carol
Website: http://www.n21.com

Joined: 1965

"I like living in a town where everyone calls me by my first name."

"I used to sit on a haystack, look up at airplanes, and wonder who gets to fly in them," says Crown Direct Stan Evans.

Stan and Ruth lived on his father's farm in Nebraska, 30 miles away from any town big enough to have even one stoplight. Ruth had worked in Denver, "until this cowboy came to town."

Stan had no illusions about the price of success. "I stacked hay in the summer, hauled it into the barn in the fall, fed it to the cattle in the winter, and after it ran through the cattle hauled it back out and spread it on the fields in the spring.

As a farmer, I found so much depends on the weather and the prices and luck. The best you can do is work 12 hours a day and hope."

Today Stan and Ruth head a network that spans the continent. They now live in nearby Wray, Colorado, while their son now runs the ranch. In their town of 2,000, no one is a stranger. It is a lifestyle they love. There is time for their grandchildren and a large extended family of friends. They are very involved with their community, and helped the town raise two million dollars so Wray could have its own Physical Rehabilitation and Family Center.

The Evans travel now, to help associates expand their businesses and to see the world. Ruth, who used to make everything she wore, now shops internationally. Stan, on many special occasions, cuts an impressive western figure in a tux.

But there is no place like home. "We do not have to worry about too many stoplights," quips Stan. "I like living in a town where everyone calls me by my first name."