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A new Amway brand – BeautyCycle

To help grow the Amway business and further benefit you and your customers, Amway is looking for the biggest opportunities within the beauty market. Our key focus will remain on the ARTISTRY™ Brand and in 2010 we launch an exciting new beauty brand, beautycycle™. beautycycle products will further enhance your beauty business opportunities, by opening the doors to those customers who currently do not purchase ARTISTRY products and are looking for a simpler, more affordable approach to beauty.

This is a truly exciting time for beauty within Amway; not only are we introducing the new beautycycle Brand but our power-brand – ARTISTRY – will be strengthened and elevated through refocus on the advanced science technologies found within the products and also new launches, for both skin & colour.

Yeni Amway marka - beautycycle

Amway iş büyür ve daha siz ve müşterileriniz yarar yardımcı olmak için, Amway güzellik pazarında büyük fırsatlar arıyor. Bizim temel odak ve ARTISTRY ™ Markası kalacak 2010 yılında biz heyecan verici yeni bir güzellik markası beautycycle ™ başlatmak. beautycycle ürünleri daha şu anda ARTISTRY ürünleri satın almamanızı güzellik için daha basit, daha uygun bir yaklaşım arayan müşterilerine kapılarını açarak, güzelliğinizi iş fırsatları artıracaktır.

Bu Amway içinde güzellik için gerçekten heyecan verici, sadece biz yeni beautycycle Marka ama bizim gücümüz marka tanıtacağız değil - ve güçlendirilecek aracılığıyla ürünlerin içinde bulunan gelişmiş bilim teknolojileri yönlendirmesi yüksek ve aynı zamanda yeni lansmanı için - ARTISTRY Her iki cilt ve renkli.


air: to rejuvenate


Nothing can exist without air. It’s what makes ageing, tired skin come alive. beautycycle™ air brings skin back to life with a reviving breath of oxygen. Natural Yoghurt Probiotics help energise the skin and activate its natural ability to take up oxygen. Skin looks healthier and more youthful.

water: to quench


Water is the main component of all living things; it’s elemental for living skin. beautycycle water satisfies normal-to-dry skin’s thirst with deep moisture. This ultrahydrating product line helps circulate moisture, protecting skin from dehydration. Wild Pansy Extract helps increase hydration from both the outside in and the inside out. Defeating the causes and symptoms of dryness, skin looks fresh and luminous.

earth: to balance


The earth’s rich minerals help all things find balance - including imbalanced skin. beautycycle earth helps restore equilibrium in normal to oily skin. Oil-free and fortified with specially treated Magnesium, Copper and Iron help restore skin’s balance. Zinc PCA, Witch Hazel and Willowbark work to normalise skin’s surface, reduce and control oil and diminish the appearance of pores. Skin looks and feels clean, balanced and clear.

fire: to energise


Fire is the most elemental form of energy. It sparks skin to correct itself. beautycycle fire gives all skin types the directed energy it needs to target and treat. Glucosamine boosts skin’s renewal process to address specific problems as needed. From diminishing the appearance of dark circles to helping prevent blemishes to revealing fresher, brighter, more even-toned-looking skin.

colour: to illuminate


The unique signature of every element, Colour is universal and exists to attract and create excitement. beautycycle colour captures the breathtaking vibrancy of the elements with a range of formulas and radiant shades that illuminate the beauty in all skin tones.

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