Amway Leadership Seminar (ALS)

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Who is eligible to qualify for the Amway Leadership Seminar (ALS)?

All Platinum and above who achieve their required target points and also meet the required conditions are eligible to qualify for the Amway Leadership Seminar (ALS).

What are these conditions?

One of the conditions is the ethical business conduct of the Distributorship, in accordance to the letter and spirit of the Amway Rules of Conduct and the Direct Sales Act of Malaysia (for Malaysia Distributors only).

Others include:

   * The Platinum and above must have attended a Platinum Seminar within 6 months of qualification as Platinum.
   * Accounts are kept in good order

Note that Distributors who have inherited an Amway business may not be invited.

Is the ALS a guaranteed part of the Amway Sales & Marketing plan?

The ALS is not part of the Amway Sales & Marketing Plan and is subject to change.

What are the qualifications for attendance of the ALS?

   * For re-qualified Direct Distributors, points are accumulated within the fiscal year, from September to the following August. 
   * For new Platinum and above, accumulation of ALS points starts from the 1st month of 21% Silver Producer qualification or September, whichever comes later, and for each subsequent month when 21% is achieved only. Once Platinum level is achieved, points will be earned every month irrespective of the Performance Bonus level.

How are the ALS points calculated?

There are 2 ways to earn ALS Points, i.e. through your Personal Group PV and the 4% Leadership Bonus that you receive when breaking-off a 21% group. 4% Leadership Bonus of other currencies will be converted to Ringgit Malaysia for calculation. The formulas are:

   * PV (including pass-up of non-21% volume from your SP/GP/Platinum) x 0.25 # x
     Performance Bonus %, AND
   * 4% Leadership Bonus (RM) x 1.125 x PV/BV ratio 
  1. 0.30 for Singapore Distributors

What is PV/BV ratio?

The PV/BV ratio is not a fixed figure. Please use the PV/BV ratio accordingly to the period below: 2/2007 - 10/2008 0.4000 11/2008 onwards 0.3846

What are the targets for qualification to the ALS?

1st Timer = 10,000 points

2nd Timer = 13,000 points

3rd Timer = 16,000 points

4th Timer = 19,000 points

5th Timer = 22,000 points

6th Timer & above = 25,000 points

Diamond Direct Distributors need only to re-qualify for Diamond levels or achieve the required target points, whichever is applicable.

    • Note : All informations are taken from which is for Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore market.