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Amway Croatia
Local Name: Amway Hrvatska
Launch: 1 June 2001
Est. # IBOs:
Est. Sales: > kn. 30,371,617.12 (2008)
Est. population: unknown
Note: part of Eastern Europe CLOS Region

Amway d.o.o. za trgovinu was opened in Croatia on June 1, 2001 as the 52nd subsidiary of the parent company.

The company’s headquarters and all departments are located at the address Josipa Lončara 3, in Zagreb. The company is an active member of the DSA (Direct Selling Association) and is also an active member of the American Chamber of Commerce in Croatia.

Amway d.o.o., partner of the CROATIAN OLYMPIC COMMITTEE

Amway d.o.o. Croatia has become a partner of the CROATIAN OLYMPIC COMMITTEE with one of it's best-selling and best known product lines NUTRILITE vitamins and food supplements.



Gulin, Tatjana & Zoran (2006)



ArtistryBoutiqueBody SeriesDish DropsHymmLOCNutrilitePeter IslandProtiquePursueSatiniqueSA8TolsomGlister


  • Raising funds for UNICEF through sales of holiday cards and online donations[1]
  • Sponsoring the Dr. Jure Turic Elementary School in Gospi as part of UNICEF’s “Stop Violence among Children” program[1]
  • Removing landmines from school yards so that children can play without fear[1][2][3]



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