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Jack & Ying Zhou
Pin: China: Founders Crown Ambassador 30 and Founders Council Member, Australia: Crown Ambassador (2014)
Markets: China, Australia

3s qun xing 3s群星

LOS Upline: Jacka, Russell & Gail, Chan Koon Tin & Chai Foong(CHINA)
Notes:also Platinum in Hong Kong

aka 周志坚 欧帼英

Previously, he was a doctor in China. Then he migrated to Australia and became a chief. After that he joined Amway and became the first Asian Diamond in Australia (1989). When China market opened in 1995, he lead more than 100 people went back to China. Now he has more than 400 Diamonds and 7 Crown Ambassadors and Founders Council Members in his group.


Zhou Zhi Jian & Ou Guo Ying.jpg