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Bob & Jackie Zeender
Pin: Diamond
Markets: United States


LOS Upline: Renard, Tony & Sue

Jackie and I began our Amway adventure on the smallest of ties. We were visiting friends in North Carolina while returning home from a Florida vacation. Our friend delayed showing us the circles until almost the end of our stay. He worried that we would not be interested. After all, we were already successful in a Washington, D.C. restaurant and seemed to have it all. We got so excited that night, we demanded a kit.

After two and one-half years we sold our restaurant and now devote our full-time attention to our Amway business. We are so thankful that someone took the time to share a dream with us. The past twenty-five years with our Amway friends have been so remarkable. In our case, that means waking up after rush hour. It means having the freedom to enjoy life with our two children, Julie and Rocky. Having a business that provides us a more than an income; a bright future for our kids. Owning a business rather than the business owning us is a dream come true. I guess a person hears that word dream a lot around Amway folks. If it were not for the truths it tells, we would almost be over-using it. Instead, we are really forced to "tone our excitement down" a bit . The people outside of Amway just don't understand how anyone can be so thrilled about a business. Our enthusiasm is in seeing people come in wondering if it is all true. Can they too be free? Can they get out of debt? Can they acquire the material items they desire? We who have been here for a while watch them as they face new challenges. Personal growth. Learning to trust people for the first time. Acquiring new skills. Conquering fears and hang-ups. We find it exciting watching people reach their fullest potential. Watching them get excited about their own victories and the victories of the people they sponsor.

Yes, we have a beautiful home in a Washington suburb and an enviable lifestyle, but without the friends we have gathered around us over the years in Amway, they would be shallow and cheap.

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