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Joe (dec) & Helyne (dec) Victor / Ron (dec) & Debra Victor / Jody & Kathy Victor
Victor family.JPG
Pin: Crown 1979[1]
Markets: United States


LOS Upline: Fred & Bernice Hansen / Skip & Susan Ross

Joe Victor worked directly with the other AWA founding members to draft the original Sales and Marketing Plan. He has built one of the largest and most successful independent businesses in the world reaching the level of Crown Direct Distributor. He served tirelessly on the Board of Directors[2] throughout the Association's early years, setting an impeccable standard for those who followed.

Joe and Helen earned their Emerald pin in 1961 and Diamond pin in 1965. Their son and Direct Distributor, Ron Victor with his wife Carol, merged businesses with Joe and Helyne to become Amway Crowns in 1979. The two couples had been working closely together for some time, and the new partnership allowed the elder Victors to spend more time at their condominium in Florida.

At a time of merger, the other son, Jody, was already qualified as a Double Diamond. Two years later, in August 1981, he has qualified as a Crown Direct Distributor too.

Joe died in 1998 at the age of 79. Helyne in 2007, at age 87. They had four Diamond legs with Triple Diamonds and above. After Joe's death, Helyne merged (integrated) her business with her son Jody's business and he managed both until her death.


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