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UR Association
Launch: 2007
Website: http://www.urassociation.com
Leaders: John & Jennie Belle Crowe
Countries: United States
Notes: Spin-off of Britt World Wide

UR Association is a new organization led by John Crowe, who was formerly associated with Britt World Wide. UR teaches IBOs how to build organizations that can create not just financial wealth, but to also help other people take control of their financial future. With the mentorship approach and their beliefs and standards, UR Association will be an example of what Quixtar can do for people, families and this world in general.

There are over a dozen examples of leaders that have or will have created financial freedom. These leaders and leaders of the future all will have one thing in common. They will know, understand and live out the unwritten law that the business works if you work it. Something a lot of people do not understand is that to be successful at anything you must be determined and get passionate and even obsessed.

Through the new Mentorship Program and structure by UR Association, Dave Dussault stated that UR Association will break 4 Diamonds, 25 Emeralds, 100 Q-12 Platiums and 5000 new IBO's in 2008-2009.

Founders Crown

John & Jennie Belle Crowe

Executive Diamond

Rex & Betty Jo Renfrow
John & Bobbi Sestina

Founders Diamond

David & Kristin Dussault
Jack & Magee Spencer


Ronald & Robyn Erwin
Edward & Elise Vicinanza
Steve & Julie Ridley