Smita & Jayesh Varma

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Smita & Jayesh Varma
Pin: Diamond 2011
Markets: India


LOS Upline: Manish Kumar & Dimple Khaptawala

I am an engineer and a businessman and my wife Smita who is a postgraduate, is a homemaker. Our children, Anokhi and Hrudhyam have been the source of inspiration for us getting into this business. I was successful in my traditional business, but the work pressure and long working hours made it difficult for me to give time to my family.

Thanks to this business, I learnt to be more organized, due to which the work pressure on my traditional business greatly reduced. I also got ample amount of time to spend with my family. The financial security and the peace of mind that one gets from this business is truly amazing. Also, the principles and values that one has to live by in this business are truly remarkable. The ultimate satisfaction that we get by helping others is inexpressible. We would like everybody to know that this is not "just a business"; it is much more than that.

We thank our parents, our awesome uplines, our team, and our children for their support. For achieving success, one has to dare to dream big, and work with determination, dedication and discipline; and one should be willing to share, serve, and care.